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 Post subject: Sumrando [FreeVPN]
PostPosted: 22 Jul 2012 10:15 
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To lazy to read? ill give you the jist:
  • Anon IP
  • No data stored
  • Fast connection for all (not just paid version)
  • No info shared
  • Option to chose Node country or fastest Node
  • and more...

Why "SumRando"?
SumRando randomizes your IP and secures and protects you privacy. When you connect through our service, you are just “some rando” on the internet.

How are you securing my Internet connection?
A VPN is private network constructed within the Internet. When you connect through SumRando, a discrete connection is established. Your information is encrypted, your IP is randomized and it is done with the best available technology.

Hackers and thieves monitor network traffic to steal user's information. For example, if you are connected to Wifi, a hacker may steal your bank or Facebook login and then use it to to log into your account (link to website). By using SumRando, all of your data is secured in a VPN tunnel, so a hacker cannot get access to it.

In addition, the IP address that your traffic emits from is the same used by thousands of other randos that day, thus the IP address associated with your activity can't be traced back to you.

Do you keep logs of what I’m doing?
Nope. SumRando only keeps track of how much data you use. Your content and destinations are your business alone.

Do you ever share my information?
No. Sharing your information defeats the purpose of our mission and nature of SumRando. If we are required to by a court, we’ll provide your user information to the court ordered third party. This includes any personal information that you’ve provided to us when you signed up. However, since we DO NOT store any of your history, the sites you go to, what you did on those sites, etc. we simply cannot provide that information to anyone.

What do the different tiers of SumRando offer?
If you are only using SumRando for basic online living, you will likely not exceed a low data cap. If you are an ambitious user with an appetite for streaming shows, you will want a higher tier package. Regardless, everyone has access to the same high quality connection.

Why is your service so much faster than your competitors?
A certain amount of latency, or drag, can be expected when you connect to any service that is geographically remote. However, unlike our competitors, we have invested in strategically placed, high quality hardware that is all our own. Other services tend to rely on shared networks and reasonable, but not the best hardware. When you are concerned with speed and not accessing particular content, simply select the “fastest connection” option at the log-in screen.

Download Link:


 Post subject: Re: Sumrando [FreeVPN]
PostPosted: 15 Aug 2012 01:28 
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I will have to check it out.


 Post subject: Re: Sumrando [FreeVPN]
PostPosted: 22 Aug 2012 05:13 
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Thanks for the post

 Post subject: Re: Sumrando [FreeVPN]
PostPosted: 27 Aug 2012 21:18 
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Thanks for the Post

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